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99 Names of Allah

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1. Allah

(1:1) (2:7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28) (3:18)
(5:109) (20:14) (59:18, 19, 22, 23, 24) etc.


The term Allah is the proper name for the Creator and Sustainer Whose Will holds supreme in the universe and who alone is worthy of the highest honour, the greatest respect and admiration and is the only object of worship. The title Allah is complete and any other name will be a poor substitute. It refers to all the attributes of perfection and beauty and represents One and Unique God. The title Allah is the ideal name for God, all other titles including Rabb, are attributes or names of God. "There are ninety-nine names of Allah; he who commits them to memory would get into paradise." (Hadeeth)

Each object in the universe manifests some power of Allah. His joy or His anger, His love or His magnificence flow through these objects. That is why, when we look at this world we see beauty, grandeur, sublimity, strength, the power of joy or destruction manifested in it. Accordingly we are attracted or repelled.

Allah's various powers are described by His Names or His Attributes. The entire creation manifests Allah's Attributes called Al-Asma-ul Husna, The Beautiful Names. According to a Hadeeth Qudsi, Allah Taala says:

"I was a hidden treasure. I wished to be known,
therefore I created the creation."

Rasulullah (SAW) said, "Allah has ninety-nine names. Whoever learns, understands and recites them constantly, will enter Jannah."

Almighty Allah does not desire anything from His creation except that He is worshipped. But Allah cannot be worshipped unless one learns to know Him and He cannot be known except if He is remembered. This road has been made easy by Allah Himself. Allah says in the Qur'aan:

"And to Allah belongs the Beautiful Names,
so call upon Him by these Names."

Allah's Names are His lofty and sublime Attributes but they are not His Nature, Person or Essence. Rasulullah (SAW) has prohibited us from reflecting or contemplating on the essence of Allah but allowed us to reflect on His creation. He has encouraged the Muslims to "inspire yourselves with the qualities of Allah."

We should therefore learn, reflect, understand and recite the Beautiful Names and also call upon Allah by means of them….


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Asmaulhusna99 Names of Allah listen and downloadAsmaul HusnaAllah, Ar Rahmaan, Ar Raheem...99 Names of Allah listen online
1. Allah
2. Ar-Rahmaan
3. Ar-Raheem
4. Al-Malik
5. Al-Quddoosu
6. As-Salaam
7. Al-Mu'min
8. Al-Muhaimin
9. Al-'Azeez
10. Al-Jabbaar
11. Al-Mutakabbir
12. Al-Khaaliq

13. Al-Baari

14. Al-Musawwir

15. Al-Ghaffaar

16. Al-Qahhaar

17. Al-Wahhaabu
18. Ar-Razzaaqu
19. Al-Fattaah
20. Al-'Aleem
21. Al-Qaabidu

22. Al-Baasit

23. Al-Khaafid
24. Ar-Raafi'
25. Al-Mu'izz
26. Al-Muthill
27. As-Samee'
28. Al-Baseer
29. Al-Hakamu
30. Al-Adl
31. Al-Lateef
32. Al-Khabeer
33. Al-Haleem

34. Al-'Adheem

35. Al-Ghafoor
36. Ash-Shakoor
37. Al-'Aliyy
38. Al-Kabeer
39. Al-Hafeedh
40. Al-Muqeet
41. Al-Haseeb

42. Al-Jaleel

43. Al-Kareem
44. Ar-Raqeeb
45. Al-Mujeeb
46. Al-Waasi'
47. Al-Hakeem
48. Al-Wadood
49. Al-Majeed
50. Al-Baaith
51. Ash-Shaheed
52. Al-Haqq
53. Al-Wakeel
54. Al-Qawiyyu
55. Al-Mateen
56. Al-Waliyy
57. Al-Hameed
58. Al-Muhsee
59. Al-Mubdi
60. Al-Mu'eed
61. Al-Muh'ee
62. Al-Mumeet
63. Al-Hayy
64. Al-Qayyoom
65. Al-Waajid
66. Al-Maajid
67. Al-Waahid / Al-Ahad
68. As-Samad
69. Al-Qaadir
70. Al-Muqtadir
71. Al-Muqqadim
72. Al-Muakhhir
73. Al-Awwal
74. Al-Akhir
75. Adh-Dhaahiru
76. Al-Baatin
77. Al-Waalee

78. Al-Muta'aalee

79. Al-Barr
80. At-Tawwaab
81. Al-Muntaqim
82. Al-'Afuww
83. Ar-Rauf
84. Maalikul-Mulk
85. Thul-Jalaali
86. Al-Muqsit
87. Al-Jaami
88. Al-Ghaniyy
89. Al-Mughnee
90. Al-Maani'
91. Ad-Darr
92. An-Naafi'
93. An-Noor
94. Al-Haadee
95. Al-Badee
96. Al-Baaqee
97. Al-Waarith
98. Ar-Rasheed
99. As-Saboor
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