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Russian woman on Russian women:
why many Russian women are single?

Slavic woman and undeserved loneliness.

From the outside looking in, objectively, one can say that Russian women, as a rule, already have everything one can ever dream of – cozy comfortable home, understanding parents, supportive friends, good income, prestigious job, all sophisticated gadgets, cupboards full of most elegant clothes...

But very often... she is very lonely. She doesn't have something (or rather somebody) that every Russian woman dreams of: own family, loving husband whom she wants to adore and care for.

Yes, unfortunately, the reality of life is such that very often Russian women prefer to be alone than just to get married no matter what. Although Russian women do need a close and loved life partner, a husband, but indeed, have their own criteria and standards that they won't compromise on. For example, a man who is serious and family-orientated, self-sufficient, without bad habits, intelligent and with kind heart.

Type of man - Russian woman main criteria

Appearance or age of a man, as a rule, doesn't play an important role.. But his wisdom and inner beauty of his heart, soul and character – is a MUST factor for any respectable Russian woman.

Also, very sad to say, because many Russian men DO NOT meet these standards, women prefer to stay alone, even being single mothers, than to tolerate someone who is not suitable for family life, for parenthood, for love or for stable relations at least. And very often you can meet divorced woman with a child, whom she dedicated her life to. But with time this child will grow, and the mother will be alone again. She understands that time is not in her favour. And she is trying to settle down while she is still young, attractive and full of energy.

So it is only wise to look for a suitable match when you are still young, healthy and full of energy and hope. Never lose hope, so wise people say. Hope dies last. With hope one can turn mountains, thoughts can be (and very often DO) materialize! And in modern times with the 'magic' of internet to minimize the distance between people (even who live in different ends of our globe) one should believe and put all efforts to find your second half.

Russian women. Women from Russia proper.... Women from Ukraine... Women from Kazakhstan... Women from Uzbekistan... Women from Belarus.... Russian women - different faces, different characters, different lives... But they all have one quality that unites them all - they WANT to have a FAMILIY... No matter what... And no matter where... It is very common for Russian women to get married to a man who is 10-20 years older... In fact, they would prefer older men, at least 8-12 years, as general rule for any Russian woman or women from the former USSR.

Russian woman - single mother... single woman

Russian woman... Single mother, single parent, single. woman. But she wants so much to believe that there is someone who needs her… Someone with whom she can share her secrets, thoughts, sacred dreams. Who will support and understand her. Who will offer his shoulder in the moment of challenge. With whom she will feel like a Woman again!

But she doesn't have this 'stone supportive wall' behind which she can hide in a minute of sadness or life trial.

And nobody can explain why such intelligent beautiful successful in career women are ALONE. Why the name of her only faithful partner in her life is LONELINESS….

But in spite of everything the flame of hope is still burning in her heart. She still hopes that one day she will meet her Mister Right. Not too high expectations – just a man with a kind and sincere heart. Who wishes to love and to be loved, to care and to be cared for. Man who wants to treat his woman like a Queen – in return she indeed will make him feel like a KING. A man whom she will dedicate her life to, her thoughts, a man whom she will adore and for whom she is prepared to do any sacrifice – if he is worth it, of course.

She doesn't need too much to be happy. She just need to be sure that she is loved by someone. And she is a hard-working person, she always wish to learn and discover new things, to improve her qualifications and her skills, to discover her talents……..but only... she needs someone who will appreciate her, support her with kind word and words of love.

Russian woman - business woman

Amazing, but nowadays in the world of business for a woman it is easier to make good career than for a man. Not because she is a woman and she will be given preference. No. But because of her persistence and talents, skills and good knowledge in what she wants to achieve.

From the first sight one can have an impression (which is very wrong) that such business-lady doesn't have any feelings and won't be able to become good loving partner. But this is nothing, but a very wrong idea, only from outside she looks very strong and powerful.. In reality she is very soft and she WANTS to be weak and to be cared for. Only when she goes out she needs to 'wear' a mask of a STRONG-STEELED PERSON, but at home she wants to be who she is in reality – a woman, who wants love, care and support. Who needs a family, love and children.

A Russian woman is ready to confide in everything, to share with him all her visions and dreams, to dedicate to him all her unspent love and unlimited faithfulness.

Russian woman - a woman, who already achieved everything in life just by herself, still remains a WOMAN, and she would be happy to be won over, to give up to her Winner, the Winner of her HEART. He, who would be able to gain her love, she would be the most tender, loving and loyal life partner for all life long. Love forever and ever – this is the idea any Russian woman was brought up with. And with this dream and for these ideas she lives for.


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