Good news for our members from South Africa. Now you will be able to pay directly to MarryMeCity South African Bank Account (ABSA).MarryMeCity ACCOUNT DETAILS in South AfricaAccount Name: MarryMeCity Ltd Pty, Account Number: 409 700 1510, Branch Code: 632005ABSA, South Africa, KZN (cheque account). SWIFT: ABSAZAJJCDBTransfer the amount equivalent to the group you wish to subscribe to: SILVER (for 3 months) - 49 USD (R700), SEMI-VIP (for 6 months) - 249 USD (R3100), Full VIP - 399 USD (R5900).After the payment please fax or email: - We will activate your group and send you confirmation email. For latest foreign exchange rate you can check Latest approximate rate exchange is R15 to 1 USD.