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How to recognize scammers?


How to recognize scammers?


Scammers - men and women. Unfortuantely this is the reality of today's life. While a few years ago scammers used to mask under profiles of young single women with beautiful fake photos of women mostly from Russia, former USSR and African countries (the real women who are on the photos never had an idea about this scam ! and behind all of this internet fraud were 95% young males)...


Men scamming women

Today' there is a new wave - profiles of men, from any country, including Europe (so they say in their profile), difficult to say who are behind such profiles, sometimes a man with someone's else photo. They use photos of young handsome men and prefer to contact women who are of their age or older, sending them letters of appreciation and love. Each letter becomes more and more 'warmer', gradually turning into a marriage proposal and myriads of promises - promises of love forever and ever, endless care and happiness in marriage.

The next turn is, as a rule, this scammer-groom will inform that he had some challenge, accident, robbery, bankrupcy etc etc asking to provide temporarily a small amount (such as 100-300 euro) to pay telephone bill, sudden debt, or any other expenses that should be paid immediately (it can be almost anything - solely depends on fantasy of groom - scammer. With a vow to return it and to wait for him.

Then usually the scammer will either disappear or will continue to ask for another 'problem solution' - especially if he feels that heart of woman is too soft and she trusts him unconditionally. In some cases he can 'rob' her of a large amount. But usually it is under 1000 euro.

Taking in consideration the fact that according to statistics, that a scammer using sophisticated methods to get letters to reach their destination - a scammer can send over 2,000 letters per day.

First letters not even 'just copy and paste' - it is simply ready templates with number 1, 2, 3 that are being send automatically on specific days, programmed for a partiucular list of emails.


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