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  1. REQUIREMENTS FOR REFUGEES FROM UKRAINE IN GERMANY IN 2022 New rules for refugees from Ukraine who are still in Germany in 2022 and have (or have) money mean one thing: for them, a carefree life is over. Germany will continue to accept refugees from Ukraine, however, from June 1, 2022, all of them will be transferred from the social structure to the structure of the job center (employment center). In this case, registered Ukrainian citizens are required to indicate and document all movable and immovable property. As for the car: if the cost of the car does not exceed 7,500 euros, then Ukrainian citizen who immigrated to Germany can keep it and will be continue to receive social benefits; however if its value exceeds 7,500 euros, the owner must sell it in order to live primarily on the funds received from sale of such car. If the fact of fraud or concealment of funds, as well as movable and immovable property, bank accounts (moreover, in a bank of any country in the world, that is, anywhere in the world, is discovered, the offender can be charged with a criminal liability. After receiving a signature in the job center under the consent to check all accounts, as well as property, the German side will request from Ukraine information about all citizens who are on the territory of the country. Criminal prosecution awaits anyone who is found to have had cash or property in his possession and concealed this fact. Therefore, the rules for Ukrainian refugees in Germany in 2022 are not just empty words. The above-mentioned requirements for the citizens of Ukraine are best observed without trying to deceive the authorities.
  2. There is precision and transparency in the process, for your benefit. The Muslim Marriage website is determined to make sure you receive smooth and unobstructed services.

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To get married to a woman from Ukraine In Italy. How Ukrainian refugee live in Italy?

Asylum seekers from Ukraine are accepted in Italy. But not in every case a positive decision was made: only about 60% of the refugees were accepted in the country. How Ukrainian look for temporary housing and residence Usually, Ukrainian refugees go to Italy if they have friends or relatives there who is willing to assist them with housing. Alternatively, one should ask in the nearest police station, prefecture. How Ukrainian refugee legally enter Italy Ukrainian can come to Italy without a visa for 90 days. If Ukrainian decides to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, then they need to obtain legal stay in the country. Temporary residence permit Since March 11, 2022, Ukrainians can get a temporary residence permit in Italy for temporary protection. To receive this type of residence permit, Ukrainians must apply a declaration of presence in Italy later than 8 days from the moment of entry and crossing the border
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