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Tatar girls: what are they?

The culture of the Tatars is closely connected with Islam. Their traditions, family life largely obey the norms of the Koran. Therefore, the girls of this nation have always been brought up strictly, in respect for older relatives, father and future husband. With the advent of the new time, customs became freer, but were not discarded.

Traditions and features of life in Tatarstan

Girls in Tatar families were brought up as future keepers of the hearth. From an early age, they helped their mother and older sisters, learned needlework. The girls had to unquestioningly listen to their father and mother, the older members of the family, and respect for the future husband was necessarily instilled. Polite, modest and hard-working girls were especially valued in the marriage market. By the age of marriage, the girl had to master everything that a skilled housewife needs:
• manage your own household, calculate mandatory expenses;
• sew casual and elegant clothes, decorate them with embroidery;
• sew your own dowry - beautiful tablecloths, napkins, wedding attire, dresses and scarves;
• prepare national dishes, cakes;
• work in the garden and garden, take care of livestock;
• help her husband in his affairs.
In addition, girls, along with their sons, the heirs of the family, were taught to read and write. A popular proverb is still known, which in literal translation sounds like this: "An educated girl is a girl with a dowry." In modern Tatar families, girls receive secondary and higher education. They can work in their chosen specialty, run their own business, or actively help their business spouse. If a girl wants to live according to the old customs, she devotes herself to her family and husband.

Sabantuy Tatar celebration

How Tatar girls dress

The national women's Tatar costume is distinguished by a special color.
• The undershirt combined the functions of a shirt and a dress. It was sewn from delicate cotton, silk, fine wool. Rarely used precious brocade, satin. The fabric was embroidered with traditional patterns, decorated with flounces, braid and frills, and lace. Tassels and braids were sewn on.
• Over the shirt, married ladies put on a bib that covered the breasts of a nursing woman. Young girls and girls did without this wardrobe detail.
• Under the dress they wore loose, wide trousers, harem pants, gathered at the ankles.
• An apron made of dense linen, decorated with ornaments, was tied around the waist, or a spacious camisole vest with and without sleeves, richly embroidered with patterns, with a border or ruffles, was put on.
• The heads of girls and girls were covered with a hat made of fur or textiles decorated with beads, semi-precious stones, embroidered with gold and silver threads.
Nowadays, the clothes of Tatar girls living according to Islamic canons completely cover the body. Mini, open arms and shoulders, uncovered hair are excluded. Most often they wear closed dresses or tunics below the knees or maxi. They wear loose pants or classic trousers in combination with blouses, shirts, jackets. The head is tied with a scarf, a stole, fur hats are put on.
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Tatar wedding customs

How is the Tatar wedding-Nikah held:
• The first stage is matchmaking. Senior relatives from the side of the groom look at the bride, describe all the advantages of the future husband. If the families of the future spouses are well acquainted, the young people are talking on the same day. To do this, representatives gather in the bride's house and agree on the wedding day at the laid table.
• Preparing for a wedding sometimes takes more than a month. For girls, a national festive outfit is prepared, consisting of a tunic and trousers or a closed dress. The bride's head is covered with a fez or scarf. Only the face and hands are left open.
• The wedding ceremony is performed by a mullah in a mosque or at the bride's house. After mutual sacred vows, the young are sent to the registry office for the official registration of marriage.
• Festive celebrations on the occasion of the wedding last for several days. The feast begins in the bride's house, after which the guests and newlyweds move to the groom's house. Also, families can rent a restaurant for 5-7 days.
• At the end of the holiday, the young people spend their wedding night, after which they take a steam bath together, eat pancakes and accept congratulations from their relatives.
The Tatar people managed to preserve their identity in a rapidly changing world. Even today, Tatar girls try to observe the old customs, they want to have a strong family and many children.

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