Although at first glance it seems that polygyny cannot have positive aspects, especially on the part of a woman, they do exist. The families are well. Since the wives grew up in similar conditions in their families (where the father had several spouses), the situation in the new house is similar - friendly, warm, comfortable. Spouses are not jealous of a man for each other, they try to help in everything. Children have a strong family. Due to legally allowed polygamy in Muslim countries, the number of abandoned children is minimal. Since if there is a father, then he must provide for all his offspring and devote an equal amount of time to them. Minimum risk of STD infection. Since adultery is strictly punished (especially for women) in countries that profess Islam, family people live sexually only with legal wives and husbands. In this state of affairs, it is impossible to contract a venereal disease. Protection of women. A man cannot just divorce his wife, a good reason is needed. Muslim men are brought up in such a way that they provide all their spouses with housing, things, food - there is no need to go to work. There is no need to satisfy a man every day. This point is especially important for some women who are physiologically unable to have sex so often.  In this case, the presence of several more women with the husband is a plus. Separation of domestic concerns. The more wives, the less work each has. Cooking can be done according to a schedule, cleaning the house can be done jointly, taking turns looking after the children.