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Modern Uzbek weddings

The Uzbek wedding continues to be a traditional holiday for any Uzbek family. And it does not matter where the celebration is held - in the capital or a distant village.

City weddings in Uzbekistan may seem more modern due to the European clothes of the newlyweds and guests and holding them in restaurants or banquet halls rented for this purpose. But in every wedding there are necessarily national rituals, even if in a somewhat reduced and modernized form.

✅ It is customary to invite a large number of guests, respected people to the wedding, to lay rich tables. In addition, the groom pays money for his future wife to her parents.

✅ The bride's family prepares a large expensive dowry, future relatives exchange gifts.

✅Modern Uzbeks cannot imagine weddings without observing these traditions, the violation of which is considered a shame in Uzbek society for both the newlyweds and their parents.

This approach to weddings requires serious material costs, many families are forced to take loans, which seriously worried the authorities of Uzbekistan.

However, weddings in the republic, no matter what, are managed magnificently, satisfyingly, crowdedly and very beautifully.

How is the wedding in Uzbekistan

⏩Matchmaking and engagement

When choosing a potential wife for their son, parents pay attention to the social status of the family, the education, upbringing and reputation of the girl, and also take into account the opinions of others about her parents and relatives.

After choosing a suitable candidate, matchmaking takes place. On the day, agreed in advance with the girl's parents, matchmakers are sent to the house of the chosen one, the purpose of which is to evaluate the hospitality and cleanliness of the girl, to look at her ability to manage the household. The bride's family sets the table with many treats and drinks, and the future wife looks after the guests and makes sure that everyone is fed and happy.

By tradition, future relatives come to an agreement on the third visit of the matchmakers. On this occasion, a special cake is broken, which symbolizes the seriousness of the intentions of both parties. After that, the date of the engagement is set, which is called Fatikha-Tuy in Uzbek and is a magnificent holiday.


At the end of the engagement ceremony, the date of the wedding is set and active preparations for it begin. According to national tradition, the groom's family pays for the wedding, but in modern large cities, especially in Tashkent, it is not at all rare that all expenses are divided in half between both families. According to long-standing traditions, the future wife should receive a rich dowry from her parents. They start preparing it almost from the moment the girl is born, in order to be able to provide her with a large number of fabrics, carpets, towels, bed linen, clothes, household items and utensils, etc. by marriage.


When the groom arrives for the bride at her house, he is also treated to pilaf. After that, in the mosque or right in the house of the future wife, the young people undergo a religious rite "nikoh", during which the imam reads prayers, and the bride and groom take an oath of fidelity and respect to each other. Guests are required to attend the ceremony.

On average, the number of people invited to the celebration is usually about 250-350 people, including not only close relatives and friends, but also neighbors, work colleagues and even casual acquaintances.

Uzbek wedding dresses

What modern Uzbek newlyweds are wearing depends largely on the region in which the celebration takes place.

▶In large cities, such as Tashkent, the trends of European weddings are very strong, which extend, among other things, to the outfits of the young.

▶If you look at photos of modern Uzbek weddings, you can increasingly see the bride in a fluffy white dress, and the groom in a formal suit. In small villages, where traditions are especially strong, the wedding takes place in national costumes.

▶The wedding dress is sewn from khan-atlas, and on top of the girl they put on a silk robe and sleeveless jacket, embroidered with gold and precious stones. An openwork kokoshnik flaunts on the bride’s head, and a veil or an openwork veil hides her face. The groom, on the other hand, always puts on an Uzbek robe, which is called “sarpo”, and a skullcap. By tradition, his costume is paid by the side of the bride.

▶An important feature of the bride's outfit is a large number of rings, bracelets and other jewelry. According to folk beliefs, they will help protect the girl from envy and the evil eye and bring happiness to a young family.

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