Why do tall girls attract men?

They open many cherished girlish ways. They are expected in the modeling business and at beauty contests. For example, one of the conditions for "Miss Russia" is a height of at least 172 cm.

They are destined to draw attention to themselves. She enters a room, a restaurant, a subway car - immediately all the guys stare at her. A tall girl means hardy, strong, better adapted to survival. This means she will be a healthy mother.

If she gets on her heels, low rivals simply “die”.

Tall people also have more chances to get a job: for some reason, they inspire confidence more than “small ones”. And here is the paradox

Yes, the male boss, even if he is not tall, is not at all afraid of such employees. On the contrary, he is flattered. Hence the popular profession of “escort services” in the 90s. A small-bellied businessman surrounded himself with beauties in high heels, which he was about chest deep. Walking next to a tall girl, and even a blonde - "life is good!"

High ladies, as a rule, are more calm and self-possessed. They need less to break and something to prove. Nature endowed them, and thanks to her.


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