In Russia all the affairs of an unmarried girl were handled by a matchmaker, the profession of a matchmaker has always been honorable and respected, because, in addition to a psychologist, a

Mtchmaker must be a subtle politician and in some ways even a lawyer, looking not only for a party for her daughter, but also a partner worthy of status and financial situation for a whole family

Where families could not agree, the matchmaker came to the rescue many centuries ago, the activity of the matchmaker was highly valued and very expensive, this position was well paid and considered highly honorable and necessary both from the state and from the church point of view.

The church not only encouraged the troubles of the matchmakers, but tried in every possible way to seize or at least subordinate their work to its own interests.

in those days, matchmakers were considered specialists, diplomats, not so much matters of the heart as coordinators of the merger of capital and masters of giving capital owners
noble title wax.

Matchmaking services helped some to increase capital and saved other once high-ranking nobles from ruin and sometimes complete poverty.
for the same reason, matchmakers had free access to any house and even to the courtyard of the kings.

It was rare for a decent matchmaker to spend on his own food on a rare day, since getting a representative of a marriage agency for breakfast, especially for breakfast, was considered an indicator of chic, the family whose breakfast eats breakfast is up to date with the latest events.

The matchmaker dined in another family, and dined in a third, wherever she looked everywhere and were happy. No one dared, did not want to quarrel with the matchmaker - this is more expensive for himself, and if this happened, then the unfortunate family had 2 ways out either to fall on their knees at any cost, usually very expensive, to beg forgiveness or move somewhere far away, because the matchmakers are brilliant , knew how to spoil the reputation of any enemy and not a hospitable owner?

Naturally, matchmakers were inaccessible to the poor, and the ruined nobility climbed even more debts, just to get allies for themselves a successful matchmaker.
often the matchmaker managed to conclude several tens and even hundreds of marriage unions in her life and became richer than the king himself.
the demand for matchmakers has not decreased at all so far, perhaps even increased.