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Great Tatar celebration

Why Sabantuy

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Sabantuy - great Tatar gathering in Russia

Sabantuy-2023 in Moscow: a national holiday with a "global" scope.
Surrounded by centuries-old trees and snow-white birches of the Kolomenskoye park, last year in 2022, the aromas of a variety of dishes filled with the spirit and traditions of the peoples of the world rose into the air.
Sabantuy, the main Tatar and Bashkir holiday, has reopened its doors to everyone.

- "Rehim itegez!" - "Welcome!", - a crowd of thousands of guests was greeted at the gate.

From year to year, Sabantuy is becoming an increasingly large-scale and significant event on the cultural map of Moscow. Last year in 2022 Sabantuy attended by more than 250 thousand people in Moscow Park Kolomenskoe, and we are expecting even more guests this year.

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- Sabantuy is a real festival of life. In every bright detail, in every smiling face, in every traditional dish, one feels the joy of being together, the joy of unity and communication. After all, Sabantuy is not just a holiday, it is a platform where everyone can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of peace, friendship and good neighborliness, imbued with the traditions and customs of the Tatar and Bashkir nationalities.

- But, of course, one cannot fail to mention the main treat of the holiday - the tastes and aromas of national cuisines. Guests of the event will definitely be able to enjoy traditional dishes and drinks prepared with special trepidation and love. No one leaves without food!

-Come and plunge into the atmosphere of a real folk holiday in the capital of our great country. Let's create new traditions together and preserve the legacy of our ancestors. After all, Sabantuy is not just a holiday. This is a kind of symbol of unity and peace, joy and hospitality, which unites more and more people every year.

This year we again invite you to become a part of this big and bright holiday! Join us on July 1 in the Kolomenskoye park. We are waiting for you at Sabantuy-2023!

Meeting of Modernity and Tradition: Sabantuy 2022-2023

How Sabantuy was celebrated in the past

On the eve of summer, with the assistance of the MIR TV channel, the famous Sabantuy 2022 holiday was held.

This grand event combines the spirit of ancient traditions and the freshness of modern trends, and last year it attracted thousands of visitors.

Many participated in master classes where they learned how to create skillful oriental patterns on frisbees and the art of making fabric amulets - the legacy of our ancestors. These unique amulet dolls, once present in every home, have regained their relevance in the age of technology.

The main highlight was the interactive photo zone, where visitors not only took pictures with artists in national costumes, but also tried on traditional Tatar and Bashkir outfits themselves. This provided an opportunity to plunge into the culture and traditions of these peoples, making oneself a part of their history.

Talented national groups and performers from different peoples of Russia presented their performances, providing musical accompaniment to the holiday. Among the star guests were Bolshoi Theater soloist Marat Gali, Roza Khabibullina, Nailya Fatekhova, Elvira Miftakhova, Laysan Mingazova, and many others.

And, of course, there were some national treats. The guests of Sabantuy tasted chak-chak, echpochmak, shish kebab, plov, kystyby, kazylyk and fragrant tea, immersing themselves in the tastes and aromas of traditional cuisine.
Sabantuy 2022 proved that ancient rituals and modern trends can coexist, creating unforgettable moments and bringing people of different cultures and ages together.

Do not miss the Sabantuy holiday on July 1, 2023!

SABANTUY. The history of the Sabantuy holiday

- Sabantuy is a national holiday of the Tatar people, which has an ancient and interesting history. This holiday originated in ancient times and is associated with Tengri and rituals of prayers. Tengri was a symbol of spring and the beginning of spring work associated with the awakening of nature.

- Sabantuy had a special meaning for the Tatar people, it was a kind of "wedding" with nature, symbolizing ritual marriage. This holiday was filled with games and competitions, which had a sacred character.

- In the course of evolution, after the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria, the meanings and values associated with the Sabantuy holiday have changed. With the introduction of Islam, the cultural and genealogical heroes and customs of the pagans became less significant to the ruling elite. This led to changes in the rituals and the main part of the holiday.

- Currently, Sabantuy is celebrated in early May and has become a holiday of meeting spring. This holiday personifies the joy of the new season, the fertility of the earth and the continuation of the family. It brings together people of different nationalities in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and joy.

- The Sabantuy holiday is part of the rich heritage of the Tatar people who continue to bring people together to celebrate culture, traditions and enjoy the bright moments of spring.

The guests were entertained by ethnic groups, the finalist of the Voice 7 project Valieva Rushana, and the famous DJ Fayzullin. The contestants were given valuable and memorable prizes.
In Kazan, the guests of the holiday enthusiastically pulled the rope, ran in bags and fought on pillows. The winners were awarded original prizes - rams, ATVs. Also in the program of the holiday were equestrian competitions, concerts and a lottery. The holiday ended with fireworks.

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Sabantuy 2023

How is Sabantuy celebrated today?

- Sabantuy is a bright and cheerful holiday, where many interesting competitions and fun are held.
At this Tatar Bashkir festival, you can see comic competitions, such as running with yokes and fights on a log with bags. In one of the folk games, you need to break a clay pot standing on the ground with your eyes closed the first time.

- Also, Sabantuy is not complete without horse rides, which are designed for real dzhigits.

Sabantooy Celebrations throughout the day are accompanied by fairs where you can try a variety of treats. Dances are organized at the fairs and famous artists are invited.

This holiday gives joy, allows you to forget the fun and enjoy life with family and friends.

- Many single girls from Tatarstan and Tatar girls who live in Moscow attend this even and often get new friends and even their future husbans.

History of the holiday SABANTUY

- Sabantuy is an ancient holiday that appeared many centuries ago.
This holiday is of Turkic origin and is associated with rituals held before the start of sowing and in honor of the farmers. The word "sabantuy" combines the meaning of "plow" and "wedding" or "celebration", which creates the image of "the triumph of the plow".

- In old pre-Islamic times, Sabantuy was a ceremony aimed at appeasing the spirits so that they would give a good harvest in the fall.

The Tatar feast - holiday was held at the end of April, before the start of sowing, and the elders of the area monitored the correctness of the rituals and sacrifices.

- Over time, after the adoption of Islam, the religious component of the holiday gave way to cheerful folk festivals.
Sabantuy has become a holiday celebrated after all spring work is done and before the harvest.

Its place of origin is still a mystery to scholars, with some suggesting that its roots are in Volga Bulgaria, while others link it to the Mongolian tradition.

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