Tatar wife: keeper of the family hearth and bearer of traditions  Tatar wife is the image of a loving, caring and devoted wife who is proud of her roots and traditions. She knows how to combine family responsibilities with work and study, while maintaining the cultural characteristics of her people. A Tatar wife runs the household, prepares traditional dishes such as chak-chak, peremyachi and belyashi, and passes on knowledge of Tatar culture and language to her children.

She is always glad to the guests, personifying the hospitality and sincerity of the Tatar people. 

Family for a Tatar is the main asset. She carefully preserves family traditions, participates in the organization of holidays and observes religious rites. Tatar strives for harmony and happiness in the family, becoming a support for her husband and children. The Tatar wife is a source of strength, wisdom and love for the whole family. She passes on national values and cultural heritage to her children, ensuring the preservation of Tatar traditions for generations.