Pearl of tradition and respect 

The Tatar culture of marriage is an integral part of the national heritage and a symbol of respect, love and devotion. Tatar wedding traditions reflect deeply rooted values that are preserved and passed down from generation to generation. For a Tatar woman, marriage is a sacred union based on virtue, honor and fidelity. In it, a woman plays a key role, uniting two families and becoming a stronghold and decoration of her home. From the moment of engagement, a Tatar girl goes through a series of rites and rituals that prepare her for a new life. She becomes the mistress of her house, an example for the younger ones and a support for the older ones. A Tatar wedding is a holiday that brings together relatives and friends in joy and blessing. Let's pay tribute and gratitude to the Tatar women who are the keepers of these precious traditions and a symbol of love, devotion and respect!