The reason polygamy was allowed in Islam was not to satisfy a male biological desire. The reason for the legalization of polygamy is to give a man the opportunity to take custody of disadvantaged women who are left without a man - these are widows, divorced women. The post-war period was characterized by

the fact that there has been a serious demographic imbalance in society, when the female population greatly exceeds the male population, and many women cannot find a spouse. A lot of problems arise with the fact that the biological desire of a woman to realize herself as a mother, to give birth to a child, and if it is not possible to start a full-fledged family, then at least to realize her maternal instinct. This situation has many negative social consequences, divorces, adultery, family dramas against the background of infidelity, and children have to grow up without fathers. One of the main goals of polygamy in Islam is precisely the protection of the rights of the child. The goals of polygamy should also include the preservation of the institution of the family, as well as the desire to protect society from negative phenomena and immoral examples. Polygamy in Islam has undeniable benefits. It should not be seen as a duty, but as a permitted solution if it carries with it the desire to solve a moral or social problem. There is undoubted benefit and wisdom in allowing polygamy.

With the help of polygamy, a man married to several Muslim women is protected from adultery, it protects from sin those men who cannot be satisfied with only one wife.

With the help of polygamy, the issue of protecting a woman from those lovers of passions who are eyeing a single woman and trying to captivate her to the side of sin is solved.

Another undoubted benefit of polygamy is the desire to give a man and a woman the opportunity to increase offspring.

Polygamy in Islam also has another very important function - it protects the Muslim people from wickedness and all kinds of diseases.