5 arguments in favor of polygamy

1. There are more women than men. In particular, in Russia - an average of 0.86 per one, and even then, taking into account newborns. More boys are born, but men die more often and earlier, so by the age of 65 there are already three times as many aunts, see Wiki. Subtract from the total number of male drug addicts, drunks, gays, impotents, invalids, convicts and just dumbass - and it turns out that at least a third of the young ladies of marriageable age are initially doomed to loneliness.

2. Most marriages fail because of men. Well, how to say - guilt. It is difficult to blame the inconsistency of one person with the expectations and requirements of another. Why divide men at the cost of other people's tears, if you can live peacefully and happily in a polygamous family, just slightly reconsidering your own views on this matter?

3. The man in the economy of the family is primary. A woman needs to bear, give birth and educate, she is physically weaker and in many cases less able to work. Even the retirement age for men is higher almost all over the world. In Islam, this is clearly stated: no more than four wives, but exactly as many as you can support.

4. Polygamous families are more stable. Look at the divorce statistics in Russia and in some Muslim country where polygamy is a normal thing.

5. Polygamy is effective and beneficial for the country's economy as a whole. Fewer dependents to be supported by the state. The productivity of men as the main producer of the gross national product is higher. Children grow up in better conditions.

Advantages of polygamy from a woman's point of view.

1. Supporters of polygamy claim that they have more opportunities for self-realization, identification and development of their talents.

2. Polygamy removes the problem of infidelity and divorce: if your husband likes another woman, then you will not worry about your fate and the future of your children. Your spouse will make it easier - he just marries again. While continuing to care for and provide for you.

3. Polygamy can solve the “problem of sex” in the family: if you have a “headache”, or you just don’t feel like it, the second (third, fourth) wife will always come to your aid. This minimizes the number of marital conflicts.

And finally, one more plus, since such a family often has the character of a deliberate agreement, it is strong. Divorces do not happen in such families, and certainly the wives do not go to their mother, breaking all the dishes in the house and taking the child if they find out that the man was sleeping with another woman, right? So in a sense, such a family is on average healthier and stronger than the traditional one.