A luxurious dress, fur and jewelry, perfectly fitting trousers, a peplum blouse and a bright silk scarf, high heels, modern make-up and perfect manicure - all this is perfectly suited for an impressive photo that can fundamentally change a woman's life. An ideal photograph is not only a beautiful picture, it is also the key to a man’s heart. Much has been written about how important it is to feel like a queen, but often in life we ​​forget that it is important to be graceful, subtle and smile with our souls.

When you see a woman in an openwork dress with silk inserts and a fur vest casually draped over her shoulders, I just want to peer into the details of her wardrobe, and after that I want to plunge into the depths of my eyes and get to know the person closer. It is not for nothing that they say that the eastern style of clothing is a mixture of traditional dresses from different countries, which, while completely unlike each other, form an oriental fashion.

The main feature of the oriental style is thin flowing fabrics, which are decorated with additional details - beads or colored threads. When choosing an outfit for photography, pay attention to general trends: loose fit and drapery, flowing dresses to the floor, wide sleeves, which are often a highlight. All this will suit absolutely any type of figure, giving mystery and romance.

Please note that long sleeves only add intrigue to the image. After all, it has long been known that the wrist is the most romantic part of a woman’s body, so if the dress is closed, men have no choice but to solve the woman’s riddle by the open wrists.

Numerous jewelry became an additional accessory of the oriental style, therefore, as before, women wear bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. If you want to draw attention to your person, pay attention to bright prints and bold color schemes. If these are plain fabrics, then they can be decorated with gold and silver threads.

The main color in many cultures is red, but you should not avoid peach, yellow, deep blue and emerald colors, which emphasize the individuality of each woman. Remember that scarves, colorful scarves and veils will always help to create a fashionable bow.

An integral element is also makeup, which can be both modest and bright. Eyeliner, shaded shadows and voluminous mascara will help to create insight.
Photography is a unique way to attract attention, and photography on the questionnaire is the sure way to a woman’s happiness, so always stay beautiful and do not forget to delight the world with your unique photographs.