❓ Is it necessary to fight the polygamy of a man?

✅ Although female polygamy is found in modern life, it is still not as common as male polygamy. Psychotherapists and psychologists sincerely believe that it is impossible to remake an already adult and accomplished man, since he is guided by his genetically embedded instincts. Proceeding from this, the struggle with male love is meaningless.

✅ If a woman decides to fight the polygamy of her man, she will lose a lot of energy, strength, time and personal resources, up to self-esteem. And the result will still be negative. Because psychologists recommend abandoning the idea of correcting a partner.

✅ For a woman in such a situation, it would be more correct to change her own attitude towards polygamy. Such a transformation of one's vision of family relations will help to achieve harmony with a partner. This path is more successful than an attempt to make a monogamous man out of a loving man. . Advantages: a man is obliged to give equal time and exactly equal means to each of their wives. There are more women on the planet than men A man is obliged to support his wife, and is obliged to be a breadwinner in the family, he is given such a role by nature itself in mind, he is stronger in endurance and thanks to home it is easier for him to focus on work or business than for a woman. Being a second wife is much emotionally and psychologically calmer than a mistress. The role of the second wife implies equal rights, children officially born in marriage, inheritance and, according to the Koran, the duty of the husband in everything, even in small things, to equally care for and devote time to each of the wives.