Amira and Abdullah
Muslim Wife

Today we will talk about Muslim dating, which means that you will be completely absorbed by the twisted plots, beautiful outfits and the aroma of the oriental night. Muslim dating is different from Christian dating, and the difference is colossal. Firstly, in strict traditional families, Muslims cannot meet alone before nikah (wedding), this is the main highlight of Muslim novels.

Evening. Sultry street. Many people. Everyone is dressed lightly and somehow in a special way, and the air smells of spices. The eyes sparkle like candles in the dark. Today he saw her again after a long separation...

A few months ago, his family moved to a neighboring house. They bought an apartment there. Abdullah works as a tourist guide, he loves his job very much and enjoys it. One morning, when Abdullah was leaving the yard of his house, he saw a girl. She was so fragile that it seemed she could melt from just one glance. Abdullah stood and looked at the retreating figure of the stranger for about a minute. Her sunset-colored abaya fluttered in the wind, reminiscent of sultry streams of hot wind. Today Abdullah was more thoughtful than ever. This girl couldn't get out of his head.

Every day she went to the university at the same time. She studied so that she could later become financially independent from her brothers and father. She liked studying just as much as she liked dressing beautifully. The wardrobe was filled with colorful dresses and scarves to match them. This morning Amira went to the university as always. Her fair skin resembled porcelain, she was so attractive that even the wind died down when touching her skin. Abdullah came out a minute later. When he saw Amira, he stopped and realized that if he came closer, he could confuse the girl. He stood back, again observing her natural movements, reminiscent of the smooth flow of a river. Every day he realized more and more that only this girl could become his wife.

Day and night he thought only about her, about her beauty, about her fair skin, and these thoughts did not give him peace. One morning, getting up early, he bought the most beautiful flower and went to Amira's house. Leaving a red rose on the porch of her house as a sign of his devoted love, he quickly left. The next morning he repeated the same actions. And so every day for a month he brought a red rose to her house. He did not see the girl again for a month. This clouded all his thoughts, and even work, which had previously brought pleasure, now seemed like a mere waste of time compared to his feelings and experiences.

When Amira’s father arrived at that house, the porch of which was lined with already withered roses, he was very surprised, since his family had already moved to a new cottage a few blocks further a month ago. Naturally, the father called his daughter and tried to find out the details of all the events, but poor Amira did not understand anything and could not even imagine how events would develop further with a person completely unknown to her.

Today he saw her again after a long separation...

A whole month has passed since Abdullah last saw her. During this time, a grandiose plan to create a family matured in his head. A big house, a car, children and his beloved wife, whom he is ready to carry in his arms. No, after all, the word “wife” should come first. When Abdullah remembered her, he seemed to be enveloped by some magical feeling. His already dark eyes became even darker and sparkled like crystal in the sun. His breathing accelerated and he, as if running towards his fate, was ready to decide on many things. There was only one problem: they still didn’t know each other. Amira's father was involved in large-scale construction; everyone knew him as a stern but fair person. His name was Mustafa. Powerful and very famous in certain circles, at home he was endlessly devoted to his wife and his daughters, of whom he had two. Amira was the eldest daughter. Of course, like any father, Mustafa wanted great happiness for his daughters, and once he had already chosen a husband for Amira. To the great regret of her father, and to Amira’s happiness, the acquaintance ended in complete failure, after which Amira almost dropped out of the university - such was her protest. But his father’s enormous love did its job, and therefore he gave in to her, although in another situation he would have acted completely differently.

So, while in the old house, Mustafa saw withered roses. What could he imagine at that moment, what could he think about? Did he think about his daughter's secret admirer? Most likely, this was the case. But all this was incomprehensible and even strange to him. Why did you have to bring all these flowers if you could come and meet the family and tell them about your intentions? Despite his boundless love for his wife Hayat, Mustafa was modest in his feelings for Amira's mother, and rarely spoke any tender words to her. Although they had been married for about 20 years. In the city of X***, their family was considered exemplary, like many families in the neighborhood.

They lived near the sea, and when they moved.

- Hello!
This word, like a stream of inexhaustible energy, penetrated inside her and remained there, echoing with numerous echoes spreading throughout all organs. It was as if the boiling point had been reached in a matter of seconds. The voice seemed unfamiliar, but was soft and confident. This “hello” sounded like a challenge.

She turned her head and saw a man with dark hair. The hair was slightly curled and of medium length, jet black in color. The face was slightly tanned, and the eyes looked like a dark southern night. The man was tall and strongly built, and it was clear that he took care of himself. Light trousers and a white shirt were perfectly ironed.

- Hello! – she answered, lowering her eyes and almost whispering. Having paid the money for the gift, she was going to leave the shopping center, but Abdullah had one single chance to get to know her and he decided to take it.

The sun shone through the huge windows of the shopping center, as if trying to burst inside. Everyone around seemed to disappear, leaving this couple alone. Alone with each other. She looked up and realized for sure that she liked this young man. There was something about him that caught her attention. Whether it was his snow-white smile or just the mysterious expression on his face, it was felt that he wanted to say a lot, but did not dare.

All this lasted no more than thirty seconds, but it already seemed like an eternity.

“I just want to tell you that I intend to marry you.” I hope that your desire completely coincides with mine. In a few days, my family will come to you to discuss all the details and agree on the nikkah ceremony. If you care about me, just nod to me once and I will become for you the only person who will love and protect you. I have only seen you a few times, but I realized that the light you emit could become my saving light.

This was the first time such a banal plot had unfolded in Amira’s life. Never before had she thought that this is how her acquaintance, possibly with her future husband, could happen. How strange and incomprehensible it all was. Her hands were shaking and her palms were sweating. Even all the beads on her dress seemed to imitate this dance.

She once again raised her gaze to Abdullah and silently nodded to him. In the modern world, no one does this anymore. Today everything is completely different. Today everyone strives to gain wealth, fame, fame. “And I,” she thought, “without any agreements, agreed to a relationship that should be the only one.” Not a single word was spoken again. She ran out of the mall like the wind, as if overcome with heat. Her hands were shaking, her breath was catching, her heart was beating faster and faster. But like any girl, Amira wanted to be loved. “Still, there’s something about him...” she thought, and stopping for a minute to straighten her scarf, she moved on, thinking about what happened a few minutes earlier.

Almost a week has passed since this meeting. Nothing important happened, thoughts were mixed and as if confused, like lonely clouds slowly floating across the sky. Time passed slowly, like frozen nougat, and each day was similar to the previous one. Saturday was coming. It was today that Abdullah and his relatives were supposed to come to Amira’s house to ask for her hand. Her father, Mustafa, had long been ready for his daughter to become an adult, and she definitely needed a man willing to take care of her. And besides, everyone had long wanted Amira to have a child. She was such a beautiful girl that even the clouds chased after her to cover her delicate skin from the hot sun.

For this NIKAH day, Amira ordered herself a luxurious milky dress with a delicate white beaded pattern. Low-heeled pumps complemented the dress perfectly. Her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, and her head was covered with a scarf, the color of which set off Amira's already tanned face. She looked gorgeous in her attire. Each movement resembled the flapping of a wing, each step the movement of the wind. She was joyful and the smile never left her face. Even though she only knew Abdullah for a few seconds, she knew for sure that he was the one who could make her happy.

The birds sang loudly, the sun blinded and melted hearts, filling everyone with kindness and love. The sky was crystal clear and clear, as if someone had dispersed all the clouds so that not a single cloud would interfere with their acquaintance. The flowers opened their snow-white petals and smiled at the sun's rays. The last drops of dew, hidden in the most secluded corners, gradually dried out, leaving a barely noticeable pattern on the blades of grass. A light wind hummed its morning song and seemed to begin its similar verse again, informing everyone that something extremely important would happen today. The street was filled with a sweet aroma reminiscent of the taste of jam, pale pink flowers filled the street with their bright scent.

Like a star in the middle of the day, Amira resembled a small fragile doll: her hands gracefully curved, pinning the white and pink