1. Cultural expectations: In some cultures, revealing clothing is not considered appropriate for women, especially in the context of marriage.

2. Respectability: Many people may view a woman who posts revealing photos as lacking in respectability, which could negatively impact her chances of finding a suitable partner.

3. Safety concerns: Posting revealing photos could attract unwanted attention from individuals with ulterior motives, which could be potentially dangerous.

4. Misinterpretation: Some people may misinterpret revealing photos as a sign that a woman is only interested in physical relationships, rather than a serious commitment like marriage.

5. Professional image: Posting revealing photos could negatively impact a woman's professional image, which could be important for some people seeking a partner.

6. Personal values: Some women may not feel comfortable posting revealing photos due to personal values or beliefs.

7. Family expectations: Family members may have expectations about how a woman presents herself online, especially if they are involved in the process of finding a suitable partner for her.

8. What is his mom or sister who helps him in search for his bride saw such photo . It might terrify both of them!