Currently, there are about 50 territorial units in the world where it is allowed to have several wives. Only some of the nuances of the conclusion of such marriages differ. For example, in Algeria, in order to marry a second time, the consent of the first wives is necessary. It also requires official permission from the judiciary, which focuses mainly on the financial side of the issue. If two consents are not obtained, marriage is prohibited. In Afghanistan, the wives of one man live together, run a common household, and raise children together. They treat each other like family. In Egypt, it is enough to have the income necessary to support several families. There is also a condition that the husband must notify his wife of the decision to marry again. After that, a woman can file for divorce, or she can agree. But it should be borne in mind that, as in all Muslim countries, children during a divorce remain with their father. The laws and traditions of Syria are similar to those in Algeria, however, in most cases, a man starts a second family only so that his young wife can give birth to one or more children. Since often, due to age and previous births, the main wife cannot give her husband more children. The laws of the United Arab Emirates allow a man to have up to 4 wives. However, he must provide for everyone in full measure, and they must all have equal rights. Also, women are allowed to divorce a man, but this is rare in a country with Muslim foundations.

In the Republic of South Africa, it is legally allowed to have several wives. And both official and unofficial. The tradition of polygamy has passed from the past to the present. Moreover, if the head of the family dies, then his brother is obliged to marry the widow (with her consent) and assume responsibility for his children. In the Congo, in order for a man to remarry, the consent of the first wife is required. If she refuses, there is only one way for a man to marry again - divorce. That is why the first wife of a man in this country is chosen very carefully. In Myanmar, polygamy is legally allowed, but residents do not welcome this tradition, although they sometimes use it. This is due to the fact that in small settlements women can live 5 times more than men. Everyone wants a family and children.