Each of us is unique and inimitable. But unfortunately, there are moments in appearance, voice, etc., which do not inspire us, or even completely oppress us. To accept yourself completely is a huge work that is subject to units. But this is no reason to exhaust yourself with gloomy thoughts and utopia.⠀Lovely Tall Girls who got this magnificent complex of high growth and all subsequent inconveniences associated with amorous relationships

and the meeting of the same prince

Well, let's discuss and try to ease the thoughts. "Oh, I don't envy you at all, how will you find a boyfriend?" "You're so tall." "And you have a taller boyfriend, seriously?"

Oh, probably dozens of times these questions were addressed to me and brought embarrassment, frustration, pain and oppression. And so on in a circle ... Then it all seemed like a gigantic and such an insurmountable problem


Let's be serious, a person who is able to ask such questions is tactless, not well-mannered and, unfortunately, does not think about your feelings.


Secondly, high growth is a wonderful gift of fate that you need to eagerly grab and carry with your head held high, because you are the unique owner of long legs and other pleasant "goodies".


And finally, on planet Earth there are millions of tall guys and men who are ready to grab a beauty to match and carry in their arms.⠀Run to it!

Discard these nasty thoughts and finally take a deep breath. And by the way, there are still a few millions of those who like you and it’s not about growth at all, because love will overcome everything, defeat the villains and take over the world.

Why man love Tall Girls?

It's important to note that people's preferences when it comes to physical attraction can vary widely, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to why some men may be attracted to tall women. Physical attraction is highly subjective and influenced by a variety of factors, including individual preferences, cultural norms, and personal experiences.

That being said, some men may be attracted to taller women for several reasons, such as:

Personal Preference: Some men simply have a personal preference for taller women, just as others may prefer shorter women or women of average height. Personal attraction can be influenced by a range of factors, including childhood experiences, cultural influences, and individual tastes.

Confidence: Taller women often exude confidence, which can be an attractive quality. Confidence can be seen as a desirable trait in a partner, regardless of their height.

Elegance and Grace: Some men may find tall women to be elegant and graceful, which can be appealing to them. Taller individuals may have a different physical presence that some people find alluring.

Compatibility: In some cases, height preferences may be influenced by practical considerations, such as compatibility in terms of physical activities or shared interests. For example, if a man is very tall, he might prefer a taller woman for reasons of convenience or shared experiences.

Cultural Influences: Cultural norms and media portrayals of ideal beauty standards can also play a role in shaping people's preferences. Some cultures may place a greater emphasis on taller individuals as attractive.

It's essential to remember that attraction is highly individual, and there are many other qualities and characteristics that people consider when forming romantic connections. Height should not be the sole or defining factor in determining a person's desirability. Ultimately, what matters most in a healthy and fulfilling relationship is mutual respect, shared values, emotional connection, and open communication.

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⠀Love yourself

Lovely Tall Girls who got this magnificent complex



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