Узбекская жена. Какая она?

Uzbek wife. What is she?

An Uzbek married woman is in a very dependent position from a man. And this greatly affects the way of her life.

✅1. Refers to her husband as "you"
A married Uzbek woman will never address her husband as “you”. Only you". She also does not address her husband by his first name. An alternative is the address "father of my children", and in some families, wives often refer to their spouses as "master".

✅2. Any Uzbek can cook well
From childhood, girls in Uzbekistan are taught to cook. And we are not talking about simple dishes, but about intricate national dishes. In adolescence, literally every Uzbek girl can set a chic table in a couple of hours.

✅3. The bride's family buys clothes for the groom
Buying an outfit for the groom for the wedding ceremony is the responsibility of the bride's family. Moreover, all household belongings necessary for family life, including furniture, are also purchased at the expense of the parents of the future wife. From the groom's family, only housing is required.

✅4. An Uzbek wife is never alone with another man
An Uzbek wife will let a man into the house only on the condition that she is not alone. This belief also applies to male relatives. Even a brother can hear: "wait for the owner."

✅5. Lives with parents for 40 days after birth
If in Russia married women are taken from the maternity hospital by their spouse, and they go to their apartment together with the newborn, then in Uzbekistan it is customary. From the maternity hospital, an Uzbek woman leaves for her parents' house for 40 days. During this time, especially when it comes to the first child, the young mother is taught how to properly handle the baby.

✅6. Does nothing without the consent of her husband
Even the most harmless business, for example, buying clothes or going to visit parents, an Uzbek wife must agree with her husband. Not to mention more serious decisions.

✅7. Gets up in the presence of her husband
Especially if there are strangers in the house. No matter how much the husband enters the room where his wife is, she will stand in front of him. This is considered a sign of respect, love and a demonstration to everyone present, what a high status her man has.

❓Why are Uzbek wives so happy?

In Uzbekistan, family values ​​and traditions are still of great importance.

If a Russian girl can bring a guy to the parents and say: “Meet Pavlik, he is my fiancé,” then in Uzbekistan this would not occur to any girl. Parents usually choose brides and grooms for their children themselves. This old tradition has survived to this day, and young men and women do not even try to argue with their parents.

So, why are Uzbek wives happier in marriage?

✅ An Uzbek wife can easily not study or work, and her husband is obliged to provide for her.

✅ In Uzbek families, children are the main meaning of life. And a man, having married, takes full responsibility for his wife. He takes care of her, creates all the necessary conditions for a comfortable life for her, provides for both her and his children.

✅When a child is born in a family, a young mother will never have one problem that Russian mothers have: there is no one to sit with the child. Among the numerous relatives there will always be a nanny and not even one: sisters, nieces, sister-in-laws - everyone will babysit the baby.

✅ There is always a special attitude towards a pregnant woman in an Uzbek family. Everything "blows off dust" from her, and even the mother-in-law will never say a bad word to her pregnant daughter-in-law.

✅After the birth of a child, the husband always presents his wife with an expensive gift. Most often it is gold jewelry.

Uzbeks are very friendly people. They always help their relatives and friends, and if suddenly the family needs help, they will never refuse. Together, they can "share off" to buy a car for one of the relatives, and often this is free of charge, or they help build a house.

▶Many Uzbek women still work to help their husband. But in any case, it is the man who is always the head of the family, and all responsibility for his wife and children lies with him.

This is how women live in Uzbek families.

Do you like these arrangements?

The wisdom of Uzbek women☀

Take care of women
Family is one of the most important values ​​of the Uzbek people. Since the time when polygamy was allowed, it was believed that if a woman is poorly dressed or sick, then she has a bad husband. And today, in most families, the husband is very careful about his wife and children.

Trust all financial matters to men
In many Uzbek families, women are housewives. They spend all day arranging the house, cooking. They bake deliciously, cook a lot of dishes for dinner, meeting their husband and father-in-law from work almost every day with a festive table. Normally, several women do this: daughters-in-law (kelins), mother-in-law and her daughters.

Live next door
An Uzbek family is not a husband, wife and children, but a whole family under one roof (although this is not always the case, apartments have made their own adjustments). Here the norm is to live with parents, and also with grandparents,