Ideal wife - Uzbek?

Ideal Uzbek woman. Patriarchy in the family: 2022

A real Uzbek beauty should cook well and respect her husband's relatives.

Uzbek men do not remember the external data of girls at all. The figure and face are not the main thing for them!

Today we will tell in more detail about the ideals of female beauty in Uzbekistan.

✅For women to cook deliciously.

✅Fidelity in marriage and respect for parents.

✅ The girl should have fair skin.

✅ A woman "in the body" is preferable, so it will be easier for her to have good offspring.

However, most of the local girls are quite skinny.

It's amazing how they manage to do this, given the local national cuisine.

First wedding night❤

The Uzbek wedding is replaced by the wedding night. Like other Eastern peoples, the Uzbeks have a certain attitude towards this sacrament.

In the house (except for the young) there is a female half from both families. Their task is to see that everything happens according to the rules.

Young people are left alone only after the groom "pays off" from the yangi (this function is assigned to a girlfriend or relative).

In a special room, she helps the bride with dressing, after which she asks the groom for a ransom for the wedding night. Only after receiving it, yanga leaves the young alone.

The character of an Uzbek woman

Today we will tell you how Uzbek women behave, that marriages with them are so strong and successful.

✅Know how to keep silent

Uzbek women are modest and hardworking. In part, such qualities were developed and consolidated by traditions, because from birth, girls are taught to be humble, submissive, caring; they are taught to give up their interests for the benefit of other relatives. And girls from a very young age get used to the fact that you need to be quiet and be able to endure.

✅Support natural beauty

Uzbek women have a natural and original beauty. Their appearance harmoniously combines oriental and European features, which is why there is a special charm in their image. It's so nice that women here don't chase fictitious ideals, don't get plastic surgery, don't pump huge lips, and so on. Naturalness is their hallmark.

✅ Dedicate themselves to family

The family is the center of the life of any Uzbek woman. They masterfully cope with any household chores, cook amazingly, spend all day creating a favorable atmosphere in the house, raising children. A man, as a rule, solves financial issues, provides for his wife and children, and makes repairs around the house. Let's just say that he is the breadwinner in the family in the full sense of the word. He works and strives to create comfortable living conditions for his family, and at home his wife is waiting for him, who took care of all aspects of home comfort.

✅ Delicious and fun to cook

Every Uzbek woman knows how not only to cook, but to create real culinary masterpieces, and women cook a lot of different dishes. Any girl can cook delicious pilaf and excellent pastries. Love for the culinary craft is instilled from childhood: according to tradition, if a girl does not have the proper culinary skills, then this is a shame for the whole family.

✅ Obey the husband

Traditionally, a certain hierarchy has been built in the Uzbek family, and a woman is largely subordinate to her husband, the last word always remains with him. It is not shameful for an Uzbek woman to ask permission and coordinate something with her husband.

What is the difference between an Uzbek woman and a Russian woman?

✅ First of all, it is the appearance.

In Uzbekistan, local girls are not particularly fond of cosmetics, unlike Russians

✅ Clothes. Because of the hot climate, they prefer the simplest cotton dresses. Often these are loose things, reminiscent of ordinary dressing gowns. For Uzbekistan, this is normal, since more than half of the country walks in such outfits.

In addition, because of religion, some girls in Uzbekistan wear scarves on their heads.

✅ And one more thing - family relationships. Uzbek girls try to obey their husbands, anyway. Equality usually prevails in Russian families and all issues are resolved jointly.

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