What pushes a person to multiple connections or relationships.

▶Survival. Since ancient times, humanity has experienced many wars, outbreaks of various epidemics, genocide. Men died in battles, children died, and in order to somehow fill the balance, the instinct of procreation awakens in men through communication with several partners at once.

▶Traditions. Religion and social order play a role here. Polygamy is supported in a number of Islamic states, the reasons are also rooted in the past, when high mortality prevailed. Some peoples still have a custom: in the event of the death of a husband, a woman, along with her children, passes under the protection of another brother, becoming his wife, even if he is married at that time.

▶Love for several at once. This also happens when a man or woman, being married, falls in love with another, while striving to save the family. More often these are romances on the side, which are kept secret so as not to hurt spouses.

▶Prestige. In certain business circles, having multiple mistresses provides credibility.

▶Psychological complexes. Psychologists talk about polygamy in the modern world as an inferiority complex. "Don Juan", "Casanova" are afraid to build a serious relationship, which means responsibility and polygamy here is a way to prove to others "how good I am and how successful I am!"