Conditions for polygamy in relation to wives If a man has two or more wives, then according to Islam he is not allowed to sleep with two or more wives at the same time. He should spend the night in turn with each wife - ideally. It is encouraged that the husband does not forget one of his wives for a long time and does not come to the other too often. A Muslim must take care of each of his wives equally, provide them with the same material wealth, pay equal attention to the spiritual life and religious education of each of them. None of them should need anything. If a Muslim has several wives, then he must provide for each of them the same living conditions. A Muslim should not single out any of his spouses before others, nor belittle any of them. A Muslim should please each of his wives equally, entertain them equally, he should not refuse any of his wives clothing or jewelry. But a man should know the measure in gifts, not pamper his women and not indulge their whims. Each spouse should equally strive to create a favorable environment in the house, to create a good cozy atmosphere. It is the concern of a Muslim to ensure security for each of his wives, prosperity for his spouses and children. The same applies to the amount and quality of attention that a husband should give to each of his wives. Islam allows exceptions, for example, this does not apply to cases where one of the wives herself allows her husband to spend less time with her than with the others due to health problems, age or employment with a newborn child. Care for children born from different wives should also be distributed evenly, and in this matter a Muslim should monitor the equal distribution of care and attention even more scrupulously than if it concerned wives.

Why is it good when you are not alone with him? In ancient times, most peoples lived in polygamous families (when one man could have several wives at the same time). In those days, this was due to the rules of life: a few weak females, in order to survive and feed their children, needed the protection and patronage of strong men, of whom there were always not enough. Times are different today. A woman herself can become a support and the main earner in the family. Why is it anyway in some countries men are allowed to have several wives at once. What are the advantages of polygamous women? It is beneficial for people to organize their lives in such mini-collectives, where incomes and products are distributed equally, where women with children are more likely to survive safely. We are talking about the backward countries of Africa. There, polygamy is not a whim, but a way for women to survive. In more wealthy Muslim countries, the husband often decides to take another wife when he wants to have more heirs. At the same time, a number of harsh religious rules allow men to expand their family only if he can really support another woman. And love and material wealth should be distributed between wives strictly equally. This solves several problems at once. In the conditions of a larger number of women, in relation to men in the country, all the fair sex can get married, and a richer man can divide his property into several spouses.