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A famous Russian writer once said, “Beauty will save the world” and undoubtedly Russian women are doing complete justice to this quote for many centuries.

Pretty Russian womanWomen comprise 50% of world’s population and have often been the subject of beauty and attraction for men but it is actually the beauty and serenity of Russian women that deserves all applauds. Women consists almost half of Russia’s population and lead a very traditional and settled lifestyle. For many decades, Russian women were thought to be homely motherly-figures but not anymore, as Russian women have certainly come a long way from their homely figure and have now established themselves as a taskmaster balancing perfectly between their home and career.

There are a number of things that makes Russian women distinct from any Western or Asian woman, some of the most important characteristics of which are enlisted below:

Russian Women: Enchanting Beauty

Russian women are known for great deal of physical beauty and are blessed with attractive features. Unlike the western women who have an apple or hour-glass body shape, Russian women possess apple body shape which makes them stand out of the crowd. With perfect face cut and features and clear white skin accompanied by blond hair, there is definitely nobody in the world that can surpass Russian woman’s beauty.

Russian Character: A persona that can win everyone

Russia has a patriarchal society where women are often considered to be inferior then men but such a mentality doesn’t overpower the serene persona of Russian women. Russian women are generally patient and known for their high family values and morals. Russian women have deep desired love for family and children; this is the reason why bachelor men from around the world seek Russian brides.

Jack of all trades

Russian women have a flair for cooking and are even capable of handling all household chores single handedly, this is because many Russian families in modern times do not keep housemaids. So, Russian women develop a habit of doing every possible work related with their households. But Russian women having flair for household work shouldn’t be looked down upon because nearly every Russian woman today has a career and professional responsibility that she is handling with utmost perfection and capability.



Being an epitome of unbelievable physical and inner beauty makes Russian women the perfect wedding material and each Russian bride has an interesting story to tell. Men who get the chance of having a life partner in the form Russian brides consider themselves really lucky and Makumbi Samuels is one such man having similar emotions. Makumbi is from Kenyan originally. In Muslim Matrimonial site he met his bride-to-be, who is a Russian in Ukraine. Makumbi says he was instantly impressed by her beauty and soberness and proposed after a couple of days. They had a traditional Russian wedding full of delicious food and music. They have been married for the last 3 years now and Makumbi feels lucky to have the most enchanting, loving and caring wife in the form of a Russian woman.


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