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Belarussian women

(about women from belarus)


About women from Belarus,
tradition & customs in Belarus,
beautiful brides from Belarus.

Belorussian women, like all Slavic women, are distinguishable by their natural, ethereal beauty. It is in their genes to be tender-hearted with a certain naivety but at the same time they are strong-willed, decisive and have bags of energy. They are delicate in nature, sensuous, rich in a spiritual sense and highly intellectual.  

Belorussian women are distinguishable in the fact that they have a higher quality of life than women in other republics of the former Soviet Union . They occupy first place in terms of quality of life and this is made evident in their mentality. Belorussian women are much more satisfied with their lives and their material and social positions than are women in other republics of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

If one was to compare the standard of living amongst women living in the CIS republics, occupying second place after Belorussia (Belarus) would be Moldovan women, in third place would be Russian women and then would come those representing the states of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Last but not least would be women from Tadzhikistan. 

Factors that come into play are quality of education, level of literacy amongst the women and the percentage of women representatives in state controlled organisations.  

Despite all this, the main thing is that you have a deep admiration for Belorussian women - their spiritual excellence, wisdom and bewitchment. They have been fortunate in the fact that nature has equipped them with a tenderness, refinement, conscientiousness and vivacity. Despite the fact that the role of women in society has increased and more have started to become socially active, Belorussian women still value the institutions of family and marriage as they always have done and put them first in their list of priorities.

Belorussian women are exceptional housewives and make wonderful mothers and wives, but at the same time, they are well-educated and often have successful careers. It is always interesting to rub shoulders with them; they are equipped to handle any form of conversation which displays their high level of intellect. At the same time, Belorussian women, like all Slavic women, are unpretentious, modest and immensely cordial. It seems that nature had the good sense to give the Slavic population an especial ability to be sensitive and altruistic as well as the urge to spread happiness to those around them.

It goes without saying that there is no greater form of happiness than to have a Belorussian wife! 

Author of article "Women from Belarus": Alisa.

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Belarus women: about Belorussian woman

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