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Mistakes made in Muslim matrimonial profiles




Finding a life partner is one thing that defines our whole lives, after all a life partner is that one person who is going to be there with us and support us constantly in our happy and bad times. However finding a life partner is not an easy task especially when you are busy and get a very little time for interacting with others just like I had. But one thing that solved my problem of time constraints was a matrimonial agency working online. Websites like these have been there for many years and have millions of profiles of those people searching for prospective partners and in fact give one ample of opportunities to find a perfect match.

However nothing works swiftly on these online matrimonial agencies and there are chances that you might not end up finding yourself a life partner that you desire. After a long period of wait and search on this online agency I realized that I was making a few mistakes that were hindering me from finding myself a life partner and these mistakes were:


4 main mistakes in Mulsim matrimonial profiles

  • Bad photograph

It is often said “a picture speaks more than a 100 words” and this statement is true to the core especially when one is using a matrimonial website. The fact that I was not getting enough response from other members on the website was due to the fact that I uploaded a dull and bad photograph on my profile. So a good photograph is a must while one is on a matrimonial website because people are going to judge your personality based on your picture.

  • Bad profile

One needs to fill a profile describing oneself on such websites and I did the same by writing my likes, dislikes, tastes, preferences and interests in food and sports. But later I realized that writing too much about myself portrayed me as a self-centered person who won’t be liked by others.

  • High expectations

While searching for my prospective partner, I placed too much emphasis on one’s look, education, background and family upbringing etc. and never really got a person who had all the said qualities. Thus I realized that no one is perfect and having such high expectations from any person is not going to let me get married.

  • Personal effort is required

I became a member of a matrimonial agency thinking that they would let me know about the people who are best suited to my profile. But later I realized that engaging an online agency doesn’t really make one free of all the complications attached with finding a life partner. Personal effort is most definitely required especially in this most important decision of our life.

Though I made few terrible mistakes regarding my matrimonial profile and placed high expectations while being on an online agency but this was in the initial phase only. Later on I was able to recognize my mistakes, thanks to my friends and family who supported me constantly. I rectified them as soon as I could and this rectification resulted into my successful union with my life partner on that particular matrimonial online agency only.

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