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We live in a world where there are hundreds of countries having billions of people that are distinct from each other in a number of ways. This distinction can be based on nationality, languages, customs, traditions, culture, mind-set etc. However it is astounding to know that two communities or type of people who havenít interacted to each other in any way can share similar customs and family values. Yes, this is true and we are talking about the Russian speaking Muslims whose life visions and mindsets are similar to that of Indians i.e. people living in India.

There are a number of things and features that make a direct contact between the customs of Russian-speaking Muslims & Indian Muslims and in order to make you aware of the same, we have enlisted few of those customs and visions that are similar among both these set of people:

Respect for elders

Indians are known to hold high respect for their elders and seniors and Russian speaking Muslims follow this custom as well. In fact having high respect for their family elders and seniors in general is something that is taught to these Muslims from the very beginning and their mind is infused with few amazing things that are attached to the seniors of the house only just like the way it is done in Indian families.

Being in a family is important

Joint family system is symbolized with great dignity and honor in the Indian society as people love to be with their family and loved ones through every thick and thin. Russian Muslims too come with a similar life vision and attach a lot of importance to joint family system. Though the nuclear families in Russia are increasing rapidly but still the Muslims here want to enjoy the comforts of being with their full-fledged families.

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High family values

Russian speaking Muslims are not just accustomed of being with their families but they also have high family values that are followed religiously by them like the Indians. Here the kids or younger ones of the house are brought up in such a way that they always hold their elders in high esteem. All the decisions concerning any family member are taken by the elders and their decision is considered to be final and binding. Unlike the western culture, the younger generations of both Indian and Russian speaking Muslim families abide by their elders decisions and in fact would never think of disrespecting them.

Family needs are more important

Most of the Indian people are family oriented and place their family at the top of their priorities list. Similar is the case of Russian-speaking Muslims who are dedicated to fulfill the needs of their families above individual and selfish needs. Indian woman unlike the Western one would place her husband and kids above her career and ambitions and would never leave a stone unturned to make her family life happy and prosperous. This sacrificing and brave heart nature is gifted to both the Indian and Russian-speaking Muslims alike.

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