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Women of Slavic origin. Tradition & customs of women in former USSR

Russia and Ukraine have always been considered as one Slavic nation. They are united in their common history, their mentality and their culture. It is only recently that they have become separate states. Despite this, even now, foreigners still consider Ukraine to be part of Russia and Ukrainian people are often classed as Russian. These preconceptions are not far from reality as there is a lot that unites Russians and Ukrainians; they have common historical roots which are manifested in their way of life, in their appearance, in their sense of spirituality and in the characters of Russian and Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian and Russian women are notorious for the fact that family life and children come at the top of their list of priorities. They are not feminist and gladly allow their husbands to take care of them. They juggle work and family life with ease and are exceptional, caring mothers. Ukrainian and Russian women are famous for their ability to take care of themselves and to dress beautifully even in spite of a modest income. The average Russian and Ukrainian girl looks like a supermodel! Russian women are strong at heart and are well equipped for love and family life, as well as for forgiveness. They are also highly sensitive, and impressionable. Russian and Ukrainian women are true women, the pinnacle of femininity!

Russian and Ukrainian women differ from say French women in that they are more relaxed in their attitude and are confident in their abilities. They are resilient, but do not bear grudges and are not hard-nosed Amazons. They are enough to melt one's heart. The trait that makes Russian women irresistible is that on the one hand they know their own mind and on the other they are trustworthy and immensely charitable.

The demand for Russian women and Ukrainian women abroad has not waned over the years. Slavic charm still turns the heads of foreigners as it always has. The Slavic charm is a constant source of appeal. Whether the lady is a housewife, a sportswoman or a shop worker Russian women are mesmerising for many foreigners.

Russian and Ukrainian women are distinguished by their immaculate and striking appearance. Young Russian girls leave the house everyday as though they are about to enter into a modelling contest, showing off immaculate attire, hairdos, make-up, manicures, pedicures and perfumes. It doesn't matter where the girl is going, she looks immaculate whether she is visiting the shops or going to the theatre.

Of course, all women are different and Russian women and Ukrainian women are no exception. They can be beautiful and plain, slender and voluptuous, intelligent and dumb, kind-hearted and selfish. But, despite this, Russian and Ukrainian women share one common trait they have pride in themselves and they are very spiritual. It goes without saying that person's intellect and spirituality are important to them. As a rule, they search for broad-minded spiritual intelligent husbands who will love and adore them. They are prepared to give it their all to achieve this, namely their love, allegiance and faithfulness.

Russian and Ukrainian wives make great housewives, fantastic cooks, and are extremely hospitable. Despite this however, Russian and Ukrainian women are not always economical. Slavic women are extravagant, highly unpredictable and usually want their own way. They often love to exercise control over their men and are not always punctual. They can also be unreliable since it is in the Slavic nature to exercise one's liberties. Slavic women absolutely love their freedom!

Slavic women are extremely feminine, exceptionally beautiful and highly sensitive and passionate. Russian women and Ukrainian women are extremely interesting and well-educated. They are equipped to handle any type of conversation. Slavic women have a great deal of pride in themselves. They are beautifully attired, bejewelled and coiffed. They know how to emphasise their good points and to conceal their bad points. Russian and Ukrainian ladies are exceptionally womanly and exuberant. They make you want to take them in your hands, dress them in furs and succumb to their every wish! Without any doubts, Russian and Ukraine women are excellent wives, caring mothers, men's pride, intelligent & faithful companions.

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