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About women from Ukraine, tradition & customs in Ukraine, beautiful brides from Ukraine. About women in Ukraine: custom, cultures, life priorities. Why Ukrainian woman makes a good wife? Whos is she - Ukrainian woman, Ukraine bride

Of all the Slavic women, Ukrainian women are among the most feminine and beautiful. They are distinguished by their striking appearance and temperament. Ukrainian women as well as Dagestanian women wear skirts and dresses even more often than French women, who are considered to be the pinnacle of beauty. Therefore, by rights, Ukrainian & Dagestanian women can be considered among the most feminine in the world.  

In the Ukraine, with the development of modern society, the perception of women is gradually changing. Women must adjust themselves to the changes that are happening in the country and in the world and change their social role. As a result, it is now more common to see women-presidents of large companies, businesswomen and women taking leading positions in state organisations. Ukrainian women are precise and thorough and have therefore begun to dominate in the sphere of management. They have started to earn more than the men. However, at the same time, the desire to acquire a family, to get married and to have children has not waned.

Every Ukrainian woman, due to their culture and upbringing, considers marriage to be, not so much an advantageous, equal transaction as it has now become in the West, but essentially their aim in life, providing support and personal protection. Many Ukrainian women get married relatively early since in the Ukraine , marriage is the main proviso of social standing. 

Ukrainian women are the best housewives, they are brilliant cooks. There are legends about Ukrainian cuisine that there is only one Ukrainian bortsch, not to mention the legends about Ukrainian pork fat. Ukrainian women always look good; they pay special attention to their appearance and always want to please their husbands. They make lovely wives and tender, caring mothers. They follow the fashion and their figure, and are good, caring friends and neighbours at the same time. The aim of Ukrainian women has always been to conquer and win over hearts in all respects!


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