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The inhabitants of Uzbekistan are renowned for the considerable amount of esteem that they give to women. Women are treated as legitimate members of society and are open to a vast array of possibilities for personal development. In today's society, many Uzbek men have already succumbed to the fact that the modern Uzbek woman is far from merely a housewife. The men already share the roles of provider and protector of the family with their wives since Uzbek women are knowledgeable, dynamic and industrious.

There is a proverb in Uzbekistan: When you educate your son, you educate a person; when you educate your daughter, you educate a family! This is in reference to the vital role that Uzbek women play in family life, providing a moral and spiritual foundation. 

As before, the institution of family is still very strong in Uzbekistan and it is considered to be the most important asset in life. It is evident that Uzbekistan has one the lowest divorce rates. As a rule, Uzbek families contain many children, especially in rural areas where women essentially run the household, combining this with cultural activities such as spinning, embroidery or carpet weaving. Handcrafted artefacts adorn each home which is lovingly decorated.

Generally speaking, the settled way of life brings a solicitous attitude towards the household. The courtyards and even the streets near to the homes are kept in immaculate condition. The national cuisine of Uzbekistan is esteemed for its practicality and also for its superb preparation. The exemplary Uzbek pilaf, the aromatic, translucent shurpa, the lush Manta rays prepared from pastry and meat, the perfumed smoke and spiced shashlik are world renowned. And all of these delights come from the talents of Uzbek women! 

Features of beauty of Uzbek women and Uzbek girls are evident in their eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and hair. Uzbek women have sparkling eyes, striking brows and cascading hair! However, the main virtue of the Eastern beauties is their distinctive internal beauty; their gentle characters, their patience, their softness and generosity. Uzbek women are loving mothers, and wholeheartedly nurture their children. They also make excellent, dutiful wives for their respected husbands. Thank the Lord for giving us Uzbek women

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