Pros of tall girls

A tall girl always has long legs, and this is such wealth that cannot be conveyed. Men are just crazy about such "limbs"!

A tall, slender girl is the envy of any modeling agency. And if she is also smart, then she can make such a career for herself that one can only envy.

The high growth of a girl will easily allow her to look down on those who give her problems. Such behavior instantly discourages making fun of her, she is not only her height, she can also show that she is “above all misunderstandings”!

Very tall girls can make a career in sports. Then any victory will instantly smooth out the feeling of its “length”, which spoils life for such girls.

Tall girls always look more attractive than short ones. And the beautiful and tall will never merge with the crowd, they attract attention. If they are of small and medium stature, they are very envious.

Tall girls take better care of themselves, and that's a fact. If a short girl can afford flaws in her hair or makeup, then a tall woman always understands that she is the object of close attention of others, so she cannot afford to look untidy or sloppy.

That's how many pluses tall girls have. And many guys like this appearance.


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