Being tall is not a problem! Life hacks

Often, tall girls perceive their height as a problem, and they don’t even suspect what beauty and stature they have - but they just need to present themselves correctly.

Girls don't have to worry about being tall. High growth is beauty, it is to become, it is a breed, it is beautiful. You just need to know how to live tall. For example, if you are tall, then you cannot be a priori fat, you need to monitor your weight. If you are tall, you cannot be hunchbacked, you need to watch your posture. Complexes can be a highlight.

Tips for tall girls

1. Black and dark colors add height, so you need to diversify the color scheme.

2. Skinny trousers and jeans, complete with an elongated and loose top, emphasize the slimness of the legs.

3. Avoid very short miniskirts and long skinny silhouettes.

4. Your gait should be measured, light, relaxed.

5. The best option for tall girls is a fluffy hairstyle with hair length up to the chin or shoulders.

6. Accentuate long graceful hands and fingers with theater-style gloves, a beautiful manicure.


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