How tall girls should dress, what to wear?

Here are a few rules that will help maintain the visual proportions of the figure or balance them:

the body will be more compact if you choose prints - floral, stripe, plaid, peas

any length of skirts and trousers is available to you, just be careful with a miniskirt and shorts. Let the length end at the level of the fingers - then beautiful proportions will be preserved

shoes - do not put a ban on heels, choose a small 2-3 cm

wear large, voluminous accessories, bags, hats - these things take attention

with long legs and a short torso, flatten the silhouette with elongated tops or sweaters. Those who, on the contrary, want to lengthen their legs, need to wear trousers or skirts with a high waist.

"total bow" stretches the silhouette, you'd better resort to the method of dividing the figure - a wide belt or contrasting top and bottom

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