Can a tall girl wear heels? Doctors' opinion

Despite the benefits of heels, one must be aware of the potentially negative effects of stiletto heels.

Wearing heels contributes to the fitness of the calf muscles, which gradually become stronger and more prominent.

From the point of view of physical health, this is the only plus, but there are several minuses:

A large load on the knee joints, which is one of the causes of the development of arthritis. The use of heels from 7 cm in height increases the pressure on the knee by 23% compared to the load when walking on a flat sole.

The unnatural position of the foot leads to muscle spasms and pain, which eventually develop into inflammation or plantar fasciitis.

The altered bending of the back causes compression of the nerve roots of the lumbar region, which often leads to sciatica - pain along the sciatic nerve.

There is an overstrain of the muscles of the neck.

How to choose the right heel height for a tall woman

Every girl has her own ideal heel height. To determine it, it is enough to rise on your toes and walk around the room. The height of the heels off the floor, at which walking is most comfortable, is optimal.

It is important to take into account the mobility of the ankles: the lower it is, the smaller the heel should be. The wrong choice is fraught with overstrain of the ligaments and unpleasant consequences for the health of muscles and joints.

In addition to physiological characteristics, it is necessary to take into account the convenience of shoes: they must be free. It is required that the toe box does not exert pressure, and the heel is located closer to the forefoot and supports the ankle.


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