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Nowadays, with tonns of Pakistani Nikah whatsapp, facebook groups where one never see a photo and only read about numerous merits of degrees of each bride, about their high demands, ambitions and high expectations from the groom-to-be, one must start to wonder, whether is possible at all to find a beautiful bride who is submissive and not demanding?

One day I decided to register at a Muslim Marriage agency MarryMEcity where one can request for personlised Matchmaking service even in full confidentialilty I decided to fill Matrimonial questionnaire and requested to keep my profile private. Then I was asked about criterias for my search in details. Well, though I could sort of expect such question, I wasn't prepared to give proper answer. ...Muslima. Slavic look. Preferably someone who can speak some English (Arabic would be a great bonus, indeed) and with no children. To my suprise, I received a dozen of photos of grey-green-blue and brown eyes beauties, some are covered with Hijab. I have chosen 3 of them and asked for more information with with I was provided an hour later. All is via whatsapp, fast, efficient, and, what is very important for me, confidential. "What is the next step?" I asked the matchmaker Medina. "I will contact these ladies individually and ask about you, whether they agree to correspond with you directly. Accordingly, I will update you on their decision." The next day I got an update that one lady agreed, the second sent me few questions before making he decision. Third didn't reply yet. I gladly answered all these questions (all was done via the matchmaker so far), and decided to pick up 2 more from the profiles been sent me day earlier. .

After a day I decided to commit myself to this search and started the contract. Communication with the matchmaker was very smooth. It seems as she knew whom I was looking for. The very same day  I was provided with direct whatsapp numbers of chosen ladies who expressed interest to correspond. And I began to communicate with beautiful Allah's creatures,,, stunningly pretty girls whom I could never ever dream about prior to this agency.

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Did you know? Islam in Russia is the nation's second most widely professed religion.

Remember that gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love
(Albert Einstein).


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