Complex №1

Of course, we are talking about men, but where would we be without them?! It is very difficult for tall girls to find a man, and not just a good, smart, kind, loving, gentle, passionate and sexy, but also suitable in height. And to do this, alas, is often not easy at all.

Complex №2

Tall girls have a complex to wear high heels! This complex follows and complements the first.

Complex №3

Set of short skirts. Many tall girls are afraid of short skirts like fire. Although it would seem that with such legs, God himself ordered them to walk only in mini

Complex №4

Problems with girlfriends (especially with little girlfriends). Most tall girls consider it very shameful to show themselves in public in the company of not only short men, but also their not tall girlfriends.

Complex №5

As a result of points 1 and 4, the following complex of tall girls follows, namely, SHOULDING. And how can it be otherwise, because many people are two heads lower than you, so you have to take shape with the letter ZU

Complex №6

It would seem absurd, but tall girls feel like "white crows" in companies (in bars, discos). Alas, but it is.


Complex №7

In view of all of the above, the following complex of tall girls arises. They start to feel embarrassed about themselves. And this is really very dangerous, it can cause serious mental disorders and other phobias.

Complex №8

The funniest complex of tall girls that takes place is the fear that they will never be carried by men in their arms.

These are sentimental TALL GIRLS

Complexes are just self-hypnosis, love yourself and the whole world will love you!


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